Monday, September 26, 2011

Ecclesiastes 3:11

It's insane really.
To have eternity set in the heart of man,
but for it not to be more powerful than our pathetic

Eternity is a void,
whispers of life hidden in the infinite,

Still, the emptiness of our universe
pumps it's blood through my veins.
The source of our longing, set in place as the source of our life.

This incredible, disgusting, beautiful machine,
it pumps,
it pulls,
it crunches and cranks,
it eats, eats,
It can be calm on the outside.
But it holds me captive now.
And its source of power,
deeper and older and stronger than my own thoughts,
is desperately empty.

Eternity screams out for fulfillment.
His lungs burn as he reaches for the surface of the water.
He searches for his release

But he sees through my eyes.
I was blind at birth.